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Luxumol Pro Osram LED 630W Full Spectrum


LED Brands: Osram
Drivers Brands: Osram Optotronic IP67 2DIM
Coating: Special Conformal Coating for LED
Spectrum: Full Spectrum 4K
PPF: 1700μmol/s
Efficacy: 2.7μmol/J
Input Voltage: AC 220-240V 50/60HZ
Output Power: 630W (Max. 650W)
Power Factor: ≥ 90% /  3 Amp.
Dimming: Knob (0-%25-%50-%75-%100) or 0-10V Signal (with Luxumol Led Master Controller max:25 Luxumol Pro Led 630)
Beam Angle: 120°
Mounting Height: ≥ 6’’ Above Canopy
Operation Temperature: -40°C / 55°C
Operation Humidity: 10%-95% RH
Storage Temperature: -50°C / 80°C
Storage Humidity:
10%-95% RH

Dimmension: 99 x 99 x 12 cm
Warranty Time: 5 years

(Watts Value are typical expected values. Tolerance allow +/- 10%range on flux and power consumption.)


➢  The operating voltage range of this device is AC 220V-240V. Do not operate outside this voltage range.
➢  If one or more products (max: 25 pieces) will be controlled with a luxumol led master controller, the dim potency position on the device should be EXT.
➢  This product is passively cooled design, so do not moving components and do not try to open or disassemble the fixture, unless it contain no service parts inside.
➢  Always adhere to the local rules and regulations when you use it.
➢  Gloves and safety glasses should be worn during installation and maintenance, and it should be ensured that the electrical power is cut off.
➢  Since the temperature will rise when the luminary is open, it should not be touched.
➢  Make sure the product is turned off before touching it, and allow it to cool for at least 10 minutes before touching it after it is turned off.
➢  Since the product contains special LED diodes, never interfere, it may damage the coating and the LED on it.
➢  Do not use when LED bars, drivers, power cord or plug are faulty or damaged.
➢  Keep this product away from children.

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