Luxumol Dim The Lux 660W , excl IEC cable


Luxumol Dim The Lux 660W dimmable excl. IEC cable

Spec.of Electronic Ballast
Type:600W (220-240V)


1.1 Rectifier Length(L) [mm] 270± 2
1.2 Rectifier Width(W) [mm] 100± 2
1.3 Rectifier Heigth(H) [mm] 60± 2
2.Data of Ballast
2.1 Starting voltage min. [V] 180 Vac
2.2 Starting time [S] 5Max
2.3 Pulse voltage [KV] 3-4.5kv
3.Lamp electrical parameter
3.1 Lamp type MH/HPS600W
3.2 Lamp voltage [V] 120(HPS)
3.3 Lamp current [A] 5
3.4 Lamp wattage [W] 600
4. Input parameter
4.1 Input voltage [ V] 230 Vac
4.2 Current reference [A] 3(super)
4.3 Input wattage [W] 680((super)
4.4 Input frequency [HZ] 50/60
4.5 Power factor [ cos

Φ] ≥0.98
4.6 THD / ≤10
5.Output parameter
5.1 Output frequency [kHz] 70-210
5.2 The dimming range 4(250,400,600,super)
5.3 Open circuit voltage [V] ≤400
5.4 Crest factor ≤1.7
5.5 Factor ≥94.5%
6. Other
6.1 Surface temperature [℃] 70Max.
6.2 Ambient temperature [C°] -20-30

a. Ensure the power shut down before check, install or replace the bulb.


b. Keep away from the liquid.


c. Keep away from inflammable and explosive materials.


d. Not more than the rated voltage.


e. Pls in the period of validity.


f. Ground connection and Do a good job in ventilation and heat dissipation.


g. Using the match lamp bulb.


h. Check the input and output right.


i. Turn the light after checking everything above are ok.
a. Do all operations after cooled completely.


b. Electric capacity inside, do not open the housing of the ballast immediately, avoid
burning your skin.
c. Please use the professional tools.
a. If the ballast stops working due to the triggering of the thermal protection, restart
the ballast after waiting 1 minute.
b. Switch off the ballast's power supply before Replacing the lamp.


c. Restart the ballast after waiting for more than 8 minutes.

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